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Protection of Your Data

Verify Job System(VJS) regards employers, employees and verifying organizations as our valued customers. A customer service representative will be assigned to each participating employer to ensure consistent service excellence. VJS submits to employers quarterly reports detailing each inquiry for verification of employment that was made of each employee.

  • This site uses leading edge security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of the information under our control. The entire site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the Internet's leading encryption standard. SSL is used to encrypt the information being sent between a visitor's computer and our Web site. Encryption is a method for securing data in which the information being transmitted is locked in transit. SSL ensures that only our trusted servers and the visitor's computer can unlock the exchanged data, preventing it from being intercepted by any malicious third parties. Because we view data security as our primary responsibility, you may be required to upgrade your web browser to view the contents of this site.
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Is it safe to send my credit card and billing information over the Internet to Verify Job System?
YES. Because of the industry leading security features implemented by VJS on this website, all data sent to and from this site is secure. As long as your browser is operating in secure mode, your information is protected by the highest possible level of data encryption.

Not sure whether your Internet browser supports 128-bit encryption? Don't worry, we'll automatically check for you when you register or login, and we will help you get the upgrade if need be.

What else should I know about VJS's Internet security and privacy?
It is both our goal and responsibility to provide a secure and convenient Internet service. Strong security serves the interest of all parties, and to assist us in offering these services, we employ a variety of stringent security measures.

This website is secured by an SSL Certificate issued by Norton Secured, the internet leader in secure transactions.