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Verify Job System, uses industry leading security techniques to ensure that your data stays safe throughout the cycle from your servers to ours. Click here to begin Employment verification process.


Security and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance. In order to make sure we have visibility into all persons accessing our systems and to increase the level of security available to our clients, all requests must be obtained through the “Obtain a Verification” link.

Human Support-Help

Verify Job System can help your HR and Payroll managers do one less thing. We know every Human Resources and Payroll Department is faced with the tedious and time-consuming effort of answering employment and salary verification request. VJS takes away this burden and expense off their hands and makes everyone’s lives a little bit easier. Call 800-800-4857 today and discover all the benefits that Verify Job System can offer! Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm.

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There are many employers on the VJS System. Please click here to find the company code of the Employer using Employer name.
Verify Job System

Fast, safe and fully secure

Verify Job System is America’s leader in automated employment and income verifications.

Core Features and Benefits!

  • Easier loan approvals.
  • Improved Confidentiality. HR department is no longer filling your requests for employment and or salary verification.
  • Much Faster. Many employers can take over a week or more to fill out a request for an employment verification or income.
  • Improved Security. You are in control of authorizing the verification of your own data.
  • Free HR for core activities.
  • Employees can get a free verification every 12 months. Please call 800-800-4VJS (4857)
  • If the Employee believes that any information is incorrect we will contact the employer and investigate. Access to the employee information can be blocked during the investigation per the employee request during the investigation. To request an investigation, call us at 800-800-4VJS (4857)

Our Team

We have been working together for more than 18 years, developing a secure, professional verification system that is head and shoulders above anything else you'll find on the market today.

Our business philosophy has been ALWAYS be the best in automated verification systems and customer service". We're one of the few verification companies that has its own data and call center.

Whether you have a question about our service, or just want to make sure how our customer service is call us Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm EST. TOLL FREE 1-800-800-4857

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What Our Customers Say!

I don't know how many times I have already said this, but again, I really appreciate your support and thank you very, very much!

Via Customer Service Line 2014 Johnson & Johnson Employee

Thank you for your fast reply with my requested document!

Via E-mail 10/17/2013 Merck Employee

Everyone I’ve spoken with at Verify Job System has been incredibly helpful and understanding with my short-notice request. And, even though I was on a very strict time constraint, my VOE was handled in time!

Via Customer Service Line 2014 1-800-Flowers Employee

Your call center representatives are the most friendly people! The young lady I spoke with was very kind and incredibly knowledgeable of the procedure I had to follow.

Via Customer Service Line 2014 Verifier at National Bank

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